SUCCESS STORY: Approved to Purchase after being told NO

A recent client was a young, unmarried couple who wanted to purchase a home together.

They approached several lenders about qualifying for a mortgage and were turned down by all of them. Reason? The guy’s credit score was non-existent and the items that were reported on his credit report were all medical collection accounts from several years ago. This prevented them from jointly qualifying for a loan.

I collected their data and analyzed it.  Then, I presented solutions to them:

  • A tutorial on how to clean up the gentleman’s credit and build an acceptable credit profile.
  • Two different loan programs that would allow the young lady to qualify for a mortgage.

Once this young couple reviewed the choices available to them, they chose to have her purchase a property in her name only. I approved her loan and she purchased a home which they moved in to 30 days later.

This was a successful transaction because I explored alternative solutions to their desire to buy jointly that would still get them to their end goal.