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If you’re considering refinancing your home, I can help.  With 30+ years experience working in accounting, finance and lending, I focus on the details to ensure you get just the right loan, and personally manage your loan through the entire process, from application to funding.

I specialize in unique and complex types of loans and welcome all borrowers regardless of credit situation.  Self-employed borrowers will appreciate the business-based perspective I bring to the lending process, and investors will appreciate my ability to quickly analyze the financials associated with a real estate investment.

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Planatek Financial offers a wide array of loan programs to help you meet your financial goals – from the popular 30 year fixed rate loan to the newest loan products that offer a vareity of options to help you qualify for the money you need.

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If you’re recovering from a negative credit event, you’re not alone!  I will help you with the choices you need to make to bring your financial profile back to within qualifying guidelines.

I’ll work hard to help you find the money you need for debt consolidation, home renovation, buying a vacation home, investment purposes and more!

My team and I are local – this means we’re motivated to do a really good job of taking care of our clients!  

Have Questions?  Give me a call at (800) 680-7875 or send an email message to  And if you’d like to get your loan application started, please feel free to complete our online loan application.  Your information comes directly to me in a secure manner and is never shared with anyone for any reason other than processing your loan.

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While mortgage interest rates are still low you may be wondering if you should take the opportunity to refinance before rates begin to rise once again.  But how do you decide whether or not refinancing is right for you?

Mortgage refinance

Refinancing can improve your financial situation when used strategically. Here are 3 reasons you may want to take advantage of today’s low interest rates:

Improve your cash flow by lowering your monthly payment:

*If you purchased a home after experiencing some credit trouble (good for you!!), you may have had to accept a higher than market interest rate on your home loan. If so, you may now be in a position to qualify for financing at a lower rate! I’ll help you figure this out – I’ll run your credit report and analyze your income to figure out what your best financial moves are (even if the answer is don’t do anything right now).

**If you purchased your home 5 years ago and are still paying mortgage insurance, there is a good chance that your home’s value has increased significantly enough to eliminate that pmi payment. I’ll help you by preparing a free comparable market analysis to estimate the current value of your home. Then we’ll request your credit report and analyze your income to figure out the best way to lower your monthly payment.

***If you purchased your home several years ago and really need to lower your mortgage payment, refinancing to stretch your payments back out over 30 years can significantly lower your monthly payments. This strategy isn’t for everyone, but if you plan to stay in your home for a significant amount of time and need to lower your housing costs, this is a good choice. And if you’re expecting an increase in income, or a windfall at some point in the future, you have the option of making additional payments against the principal balance to reduce the balance faster. If you’d like to see some calculations regarding whether or not this is a good choice, contact me! I’ll run the numbers for you to see just how much you can save every month.

Improve your finances by consolidating debt:

Credit card balances, a second mortgage or an existing HELOC all come with much higher interest rates than mortgage money does!

Eliminate Credit Card Debt
HELOC, Home Equity Line of Credit

If you’d like to consolidate these these types of debt to lower your overall monthly expenses, refinancing to use some of the equity in your home can be a good choice. I can help you make this decision by running the numbers for you – I’ll prepare a market analysis to determine the value of your home, run a credit report and analyze your income to put together a plan that makes sense for you. Debt consolidation not only helps improve your finances by lowering your monthly expenses, but also can give your credit score a boost by reducing your utilization ratio.

Lower your cost of borrowing:

Maybe you’re in a position where your mortgage payments are comfortably within your household budget but your cost of those funds is more than it needs to be…or maybe in the next few months, you’ll want to invest in a second home, or pay for college tuition, or any number of other types of planned spending events. Mortgage money will not always be as cheap as it is today when you can borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars in the 4% range. So, if you think you’ll be making a large expenditure in the next few months, it might be a good idea to refinance now to have the money sitting in a bank account when the right time comes.

There are many good reasons to refinance but your financial situation is unique. If you want help figuring out whether or not refinancing will benefit you, give me a call at (800) 680-7875 or send an email message to I’ll run your numbers and give you an objective analysis on whether or not refinancing makes sense for you.


With over 30 years experience analyzing complex sets of numbers to recommend financial choices, I’ll put my experience to work for you. Nothing makes me happier than to be able to help a client improve their finances. My guiding principle is “Would I be comfortable recommending this strategy to my son?”

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