Meet Linda

I am a financial problem-solver

I love real estate and enjoy the special challenges that real estate financing offers. I particularly enjoy helping my clients figure out how to meet their financial goals using real estate assets.


My experience and accomplishments

I have a strong background in financial planning and analysis for businesses as well as individuals – this training helps me to help you understand what your best financing choices are.

Before becoming a home loan expert, I worked in a wide variety of financial management positions in a range of companies, doing everything from implementing business infrastructure for start-ups to helping companies that have hit hard times restore themselves to profitability. I analyzed very complex sets of numbers to help businesses make good financial decisions.

What this means for you is that I have the drive, problem solving skills and the experience to help you figure out what the best approach to meeting your financial goals are…even if you’ve been told no by someone else!


Working with me is judgement-free

Your finances are private and sharing those numbers with someone outside your trusted circle of advisors can be uncomfortable. Please be assured that I do not judge you or your situation. My job is to listen to you and understand what you want to accomplish, then help you.

Once we talk, and you decide you want to trust me to help you, I’ll collect all of your financial information, analyze the data to figure out the best course of action then present you with solutions. Your information is a basis for determining how to help you meet your goals…period.


My “outside the business” activities

In my free time, you might find me at a car show – I love classic cars, especially muscle cars (1969 Camaro anyone?) and often spend my Saturday morning walking the rows of cars at the informal gathering of car enthusiasts called “Donut Derelicts.”

I also love to get my hands dirty with home renovation projects – I’ve helped my brother remodel his kitchen, build his outdoor entertainment space and am currently in the process of remodeling my guest bathroom.